Fall of Pakatan – Courtesy of MACC?

By Why Lie-dis n Lie-dat

Pakatan’s Perak fell to Barisan courtesy of a number of factors, betrayers, frogs, courts , even the royalty taking the blame, Pakatan’s own infighting and incompetence and also the powerful hand of No1 Malaysia.

And when 1Malaysia targetted Selangor to be the next, some even predicting January 2010, Pakatan fellos seemed confident the gap is too wide than the paper thin margin of representatives in Perak for BN to take over.

Well, they just lost Klang and in the meantime they are shooting themselves in the foot with their own infighting as well behaviour of their partners, particularly PAS has caused a malestrom in the Pakatan camp.

Perhaps there may be some truth that 1Malaysia will be able to engineer a coup de grace and take back Selangor before GE13.

Already the propaganda machine of their inefficiency as well as doomsday scenario by their propaganda machine notably their No2 who of late has been highlighting the infighting, inefficiency as well as state of decay in Pakatan held states.

Voters can’t do anything about politicians who betrayed them, those who think they were elected based on their own charisma, character or political agenda and who still have the notion their action of leaving the party is reflective of the will of their voters than their own self interest!

And they are also helpless if their politicians are incompetent and indulge in infighting. They can only watch with dismay the mandate and trust they have given have been betrayed by what is happening especially in Pakatan.

But there is also real force in the name of MACC that wields even greater power than 1Malaysia, and which can assist in the early demise of Pakatan. Never mind if MACC is accused of selective investigation, double standards or biasness. It is the Pakatan fellos who give them the opportunity.

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