1 Telor!

Art Harun

Yes. I am talking about the Persatuan Peguam Syarie Malaysia or Malaysian Syariah Lawyers Association (PGSM). 

Malaysia Today cited a report in The Star this morning saying that PGSM  has apologised to Dr Asri, the former Mufti of Perlis over the contents of the memorandum sent by the former to His Royal Highness the Yang di Pertuan Agong recently. This is also confirmed by a MalaysiaKini report.

I will not repeat what was said in the memorandum. Suffice if I were to say that the contents are vicious enough to make a multi-million dollar defamation suit by Dr Asri a very viable exercise.

The thing is this. PGSM is the self proclaimed defender of the faith. Whenever there are people or party whom they disagree with on matters pertaining to Islam, they would be the first to shout and scream. On the Kartika issue, they were so loud in condemning Sisters In Islam, Joint Action Group for Gender Equality and WAO. They had a protest against these NGOs. They also lodged a police report against the organisations.

When these NGOs called for a review of Syariah Criminal offences, they issued a memorandum (they just love memorandums, don't they?)  imploring the government to prosecute these organisations.

Why not? After all, those orgainsations are unIslamic. They on the other hand are the protectors and defenders of the faith.

Now they are apologising for telling lies about Dr Asri. If I were advising Dr Asri, I would advise him to sue their proverbial kain pelikat off!

Don't they know what the Prophet – peace be upon him – said about telling lies and liars? Well, here it is: