Your Stupidity Slammed Into You

By batsman

Many people seem to be still groggy and asking the question “What happened?” Well guys, the bad news is that your own stupidity slammed into you. The good news is that there is a way out. 

When the 3 component parties of the PR were trying to formalize their coalition, many people were skeptical but took the gamble anyway to vote for them. This was a big risk but people took the gamble anyway hoping that the PR can produce fresh changes to the rotten old politics which have run into stalemate and threatening to ruin the country. 

The immense difficulties are plain for all to see. Unfortunately it was also plain for UMNO to see. What happened next was a great but more or less expected tragedy. 

Some people with big egos and small minds started to harp on the differences between component PR parties constantly and maliciously, thinking of proving how smart they are on something which was plain to see for everybody. 

This created a golden opportunity for UMNO to widen the cracks even more by hiring professional provocateurs to harp on these same issues. Anti-Islam provocateurs were used to alienate Muslim voters and extreme conservative Islamist provocateurs were used to scare the daylights out of the funny liberals. 

The results are now plain for all to see. The 3 component parties of the PR are worried about bonding together in case they alienate their own constituencies. We now have another stalemate where before, we had hopes for a fresh beginning. 

Obviously the people who are stuck in the old ways of thinking cannot contribute to any forward momentum anymore. The funny liberals who are allergic to anything faintly resembling Islam have to be abandoned and left behind. Similarly the ultra conservative no compromise Islamists have become a stumbling block to any forward movement. 

Any pandering to these 2 groups is a betrayal of the hopes of the people who voted for the PR during the 12th GE. 

A new force must be found to push the movement forward. The people who look forward to a strong coalition of the 3 component parties of the PR and willing to make compromises and sacrifices to make this a reality have to be the prime motive force now. 

Please don’t allow a second wave of stupidity of tsunamic proportions slam into us again. 

Hey! What I am proposing is still a big risk, but as RPK says – “What are the choices?” 

By possessively clutching your child and trying to suckle him even after he has grown into an adult is a sure way of ruining his future. It is time to take risks. The future may still be a disaster, but clinging on to childish insecurity is a guaranteed disaster. It is time for both PR and PR supporters to grow up. It is time to take the marriage vows and seal the marriage pact unless you guys are thinking of still living in sin? 

So do it, or declare honestly that you cannot do it and then go your own way.