Nothing in the Budget to shout about

(The Star) – SO MUCH for the 2010 Budget. It’s a pittance for the rakyat like me and my family.

Income tax relief is nothing to shout about as it probably results in not more than a RM100 savings annually.

For me, the bulk of my expenses are in four areas.

> The food prices we have to manage on a daily basis.

Prices for almost everything have gone up since the petrol hike but have never come down even though the Government had adjusted the fuel prices.

And nothing is done to curb the price increases while our salaries remain the same. Why isn’t anything done to address this problem?

> Another big chunk of our salaries goes to paying car instalments. We have the most expensive cars in the world by way of hidden taxes. Why isn’t this being addressed?

In urban Malaysia, being without a car is to be handicapped because of a “handicapped” public transport system.

> The other big chunk of our salaries goes to paying the instalments or rentals for our houses. Property prices in urban Malaysia are sky-high. There is no proper rent-control system in place.

> Lastly, the cost of education for our children. For those who do not make it to the public universities despite having sterling results, they are subject to astronomical fees for private college education. Why can’t the Government give subsidies to help us in this area?

In conclusion, the Government does not know what we have to go through daily.