PAS leaders to seek clarification from Nik Aziz

Written by Chan Kok Leong, The Edge  

Pas leaders will meet with their spiritual leader first before commenting on the latest surprise to strike the Islamic party.

“I have heard of the remarks made by Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat but I’ve not read his blog yet,” said PAS Deputy President Nasharuddin Mat Isa at the Parliament lobby today.

“Let me see him and discuss his comments during the Majlis Syura meeting before I comment on his proposal,” said Nasharuddin.

Nik Aziz is the Mursyidul Am (spiritual leader) for PAS and chairs the Majlis Syura or ulama council of the party.

In a rare blog posting yesterday, Nik Aziz, who is also Kelantan menteri besar, had urged the party to hold a special muktamar or emergency general meeting to weed out “problematic leaders” who he said made the party look inconsistent.

Nik Aziz said that the party had yet to resolve its differences over their role in Pakatan Rakyat or working with Umno.

“I strongly believe that there is a need to replace the main players occupying the national Pas leadership posts,” Nik Aziz had said.

Vice-President Salahuddin Ayub said that he would also prefer to meet Nik Aziz over the comments before making any public statements.

“I am going to see him in Kota Baru tomorrow [Saturday] afternoon. Once, I’ve clarified his statement, then I will say something,” Salahuddin said.