Zaid’s Common Policy Framework vs Zul Nordin’s ISA

By Haris Ibrahim

If you don’t know it already, Zul’s ISA stands for his Islamic State Agenda.

Whilst Zaid busies himself trying to put in place a common policy framework for the three Pakatan Rakyat parties to forge a viable, long-term working relationship with a view to finally registering a coalition, Zul seems equally busy doing everything he can to throw a spanner in Zaid’s efforts.

If I have correctly understood yesterday’s Malaysianinsider report, Zul has submitted 24 Private Members Bills into Parliament, one of which relates to Zul’s obsessive vendetta against Sisters In Islam whilst many, if not all, of the other bills call for amendments to the Federal Constitution with a view to bringing this nation closer to the status of an Islamic one ala Zul aka Taliban Nordin.

If I have read that report correctly, one must ask how this MP found the time to churn out all these bills, particularly when one remembers that he’s been away for the UN General Assembly, having been hand-picked by the BN government to represent Malaysia.

It would appear that there is a team of busy lawyers behind Zul and those 24 Private Members Bills.

Now, anyone who has a basic understanding of the workings in Parliament will tell you that a Private Members Bill that is not sponsored by someone from the side of the government of the day does not have a hope in hell of seeing the light of day.

Seen in that light, two possibilities come to mind.