Azizan blames ‘system’

(NST) – ALOR STAR: Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak has dismissed the Auditor-General’s Report’s claim of massive misuse of funds by a state government-linked company.

Instead, he blamed the “system” for the matter.

“There was no abuse of funds. It was just the system.

“We have cleared the matter and nobody is in the wrong but the system,” he said when asked to comment on the report which claimed there was abuse of funds by those managing Yiked Quarry Sdn Bhd.

The report also said that the directors were paid bonuses without approval.

Meanwhile, Azizan said he was disappointed with the four state forestry department who were arrested on Tuesday on corruption charges.

Azizan announced that Forestry Department enforcement division director Mohd Nasir Abu Hassan would take over as department director from Kassim Othman.