Azmin’s seige mentality, Another missed opportunity

Allow me first to take off my UMNO cap as a feeble symbolic attempt to maintain some level of non-partisan objectivity.

The event surrounding Dato' Zaid Ibrahim six month leave is anticipated to lead to him leaving PKR.

However, this is not the first time for Zaid. Other than his personal perseverance through many years of building the legal firm that bears his name, Zaid seemed to have a recurring habit of involving himself in organisations or attaining posts for a short while before quiting due to irreconcilable differences.

The recent one most remembered must be his short stinct as Minister in the PM's Department in charge of judiciary. It happened somometimes in the 90s when Zaid was the Manager for the Persatuan Bolasepak Kelantan. One blog commentator by the name Borhan told of Zaid quiting the Vice President of Majlis Kesatuan Siswaa, ITM post, which he won in a student election, when his ideas were not received and he has no means of attaining his ideas.

All this does not really matter. This posting is not about shooting Zaid. All was done in the judges compensation issue. It is Zaid has yet to find a home for his ideals to flourish.

But Zaid's eventual departure will be another missed opportunity for a positive national political evolution. As my friend Aspan Alias described, the problem is created by Azmin Ali's jealousy and seige mentality. If only Anwar can be awaken, Azmin's endless politicking will eventually make life easy for UMNO.

In his press statement Zaid explained that he joined PKR with no political ambition but with an objective to develop a common platform between PAS, PKR and DAP to infuse a clearly defined policies and create a united leadership. In other word, Zaid wanted to create an alternative to Barisan Nasional from this three ideologically opposing parties.

A two party system would certainly be a political development for Malaysia in its practise of the Westminister system of democrasy.

For his own reasons from his own observation, my blogger compatriot Syed Akbar feels Zaid's attempt is a futile effort. He is perhaps sick, as I am, with the manner the opposition is going about with their BN bashing.

But I was am a bit more hopeful.