Revealing bank account statements… that’s the way to go for TBH inquest

By Guan Sin

When I first read the political maneuvering at the Teoh Beng Hock inquest, I was utterly disgusted by the continued shameful behaviors of the authorities involved.

Against the privacy of the deceased, bank account statements of Teoh were revealed to the public in order to portrait him as ‘poor’ and therefore could not ‘afford’ his commitment to future wedding arrangements, hence the suicide. And the most controversial figure in the tragedy, MACC Selangor deputy director Hishamuddin Hashim, commented that a meeting at Putrajaya was more important than dealing immediately with TBH’s death on the day of event.

But then, if they started this track of revealing bank account statements, I think I will welcome. Their logic is that the financial position of a person can be relevant to explain the case. I accept, albeit reluctantly. So, can you, MACC, please reveal the bank account statements of your top officers involved in the case?

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