PKR is no more a party of Umno and Barisan rejects and misfits


Doesn’t this give greater credence to the expression, TURNCOATS? And this proves that many of those who form PKR and the other splinter groups are nothing but Umno and Barisan ‘turncoats’. 

By Mansor Puteh

Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR) basically is a group of UMNO and Barisan Nasional rejects. It is a fact. And it is becoming more and more obvious the more we see one by one those former leaders of the Barisan component parties leaving their original parties to join PKR or any of the other parties in their loose coalition known as Pakatan Rakyat.

Someone significant person from the MCA to prove it is so. Who else from this and the other Barisan parties will be next to prove this?

They were never meant to have been created in the first place. It came about at the heights of dissent in Umno which was taken outside of the party, by some individuals who later managed to get like-minded persons like them to form a loose organization which later on still managed to morph into a real political party, which seems to have policies which are the direct opposite of those which Umno and Barisan had for which they were their ardent supporters.

Did they bring out the worse of Umno and Barisan and bring them to their new party?

Or, did they think they had benefited tremendously during their time in Umno and Barisan so much so that they believe that they can use whatever experience to make their new party even better than their own one, which they had rejected, because these party and it coalition had rejected them first?

It is therefore, too bad and sad that everything with Umno and Barisan seem to be bad and wrong with them now like they know what is right and is good for the whole country and perhaps the rest of the world, too.

Have those Umno and Barisan rejects and misfits brought into PKR or Pakatan the best of Umno and Barisan or their worst?

Theirs is nothing more than an act of defiance, a last act, before the curtain falls on their inglorious political life.

They can never bring to their newly adopted party fresh ideas and energy having spent them in their old parties.

How on earth can they think that they are fit to reject the Merdeka Barisan government led by Umno?