Anwar Ibrahim fiddles while Rome Sabah burns?

Most Malaysians who have been following Malaysian politics, especially opposition politics, know that Azmin Ali has been and is the right hand man of Anwar Ibrahim, El Supremo of PKR and the accepted leader of the loose coalition called Pakatan Rakyat.

Ironically, while Anwar Ibrahim has been acknowledged as the vital glue that holds the component parties of Pakatan together, his party PKR has also been identified as the alliance's weakest link.

PKR is the successor to Parti KeADILan, with the latter created as a single-issue political entity, to fight for the release of Anwar Ibrahim after he was incarcerated in the original sodomy affair, known locally as Sodomy I (where there is currently a case pending in court unofficially referred to as Sodomy II).

Subsequently KeADILan merged with PRM to form PKR (to my mind as well as many in PRM, that was a sad mistake by Dr Syed Husin). Anyway, in its hasty formation it indiscriminately recruited a considerable number of questionable members – 'questionable' in their commitments to the Pakatan avowed 'clean' politics.

We have certainly witnessed the lack of discipline in a number of PKR members, but worse, we hear of them 'continuing' to harbour the grosser ends of UMNO mentality.

With the exit from PKR of Ezam Mohd Noor, once known as the left hand man of Anwar Ibrahim (well, or vice versa with Ezam as the RH man and Azmin the LH man), maybe Azmin has come to believe he stands just a heartbeat away from being No 1 in PKR and by default (perhaps his ego allows him to think so) the primus inter pares of the Pakatan coalition.

Pak Haji Hadi Awang has similar aspiration wakakaka.

Azmin first showed his ambitious fangs when in July he was reported to demand reshuffling of the state exco but Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim ignored him – see Azmin Ali continues attacking Selangor government.