To Health Minister YB Dato Liow

By OTK Supporter

Dear Health Minister YB Dato Liow,
You have the wrong priorities since taking over the ministry.

Instead of taking care of H1N1 you are taking care of your BiNi ( Lee Su Loo )!

Half million Ringgit worth of birthday presents you bought for your wife in January 09!

A Toyota Alphard costing 574,884.10 Ringgit. (Car number plate WSB 15)

Alas!!! Who paid for it? Axis Construction Sdn.Bhd, the company that always appear in your Ministry’s winning tender list. God sent or dirty hand?

Mr. Health Minister, take care  of the public’s health not your bank account. You are no different from the rest of the corrupt officials that dip their fingers in the piggy bank.

Please tell us why your ministry’s contractor paid for your wife’s car down payment?

There was a cheque on January 2009, HLB 373727 ($ 324,884.10) from Axis Construction to the car dealer for the car WSB 15. Another cheque HLB 373727 paid to the seller. ($ 9,299.90).

Where is your clean heart? Gone to the Cigarette companies?

You also squeezed your contractor to pay for the Monthly instalments for that expensive gift to your BiNi!!

On the 19th of each month, Benny Ho of Axis construction will deposit $4,730 to your BiNi’s bank account (Public Bank Saving Account Number 4487469902). Some of the check numbers are HLB 359666 and HLB 383393!

Our country is the worst hit country of H1N1 in the world, you have no idea what to do and all you care for is taking a cruise in your BiNi’s ill gotten luxurious car!

God help us.