Actually, caring doesn’t pay…other things do

By someone who used to work for one of the component parties in PR

Do I care? “Yeah, I do.”
Do I care enough to ignore the pay? “Well yeah, I did and I could.”
Do I want to care? “Ya, it makes me happy.”
Do I want to care still? “No…I don’t think so now…”

Why….? “Because, caring doesn’t pay…other things do.”

But you’re happy caring….”Ya, but when I learnt that caring hurts, it’s not that happy anymore.”

“I care, but I can’t care, because the world around me doesn’t care, and it moves on, when I don’t. It’s OK if it doesn’t pay, but when it hurts, it matters. Because as much as you want to care, you cannot ignore the fact that the world capitalizes on your care, and at the end of the day, you can care about the world as much as you want, but no one cares about you…”

So do you care?

“I still do….but I’m learning not to…”