The aftermath

UMNO/BN is still parading around town in great jubilation with the Bagan Pinang trophy. Heaps of praises are showered upon the party by great many apple polishers.

Let them indulge in this madness for a little bit longer. After all they have had a very long dry spell that they almost choke to death.

Everything seems okay or so it seems? At the press conference announcing their much coveted win, the incumbent Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan could not even fake a wry smile. He knows that days ahead are pretty rough, the road long and winding and simply full of booby traps.

In UMNO, to forgive is certainly not divine. The hunter knows that one fine day he will be hunted. That day has come and it is so soon it seems. The KJ Alliance in NS is bracing for war. Many would fall prey and sent marching to the slaughter house with their pants down and their balls shrink the size of peanuts. ISA will reign supreme, with balls the size of coconuts and ego as big as Bukit Putus and Bukit Tangga.

Tengku Razaleigh said it. Many take him for granted. UMNO would be best losing the by-election rather than winning it, for winning makes one arrogant and a decisive win throws one fully off guard and causes him to be greatly vulnerable. It is poignantly clear to UMNO stalwarts that their end is near but for the enemy, they will ultimately be jubilant.

Transformation in UMNO will be sluggish indeed now that they strongly believe that they are okay. Reformers in UMNO will whimper in disgust. Reformation is either an uphill battle or down-right impossible. They would be best to let their souls run free and join opposition in droves or retire gracefully from active politics. To push forward for reform is a futile exercise.