How to be an Umno champion

By uppercaise

One of the frequent difficulties in political reporting in Malaysia is when a reporter is confronted with the idiocy of politicians. And the idiocies of Malaysian politicians are legion, especially when an election is about and an Umno cawangan small-fry finds he can get quick publicity.

What can a reporter do about it? Usually very little, if he works for any of the Barisan Nasional-controlled media.

Trying to interrupt the politician by saying Err…excuse me YB but that is not correct is to invite a tirade in return.

You are from where? You are opposition or what? You want to be funny or what? I will tell your boss, then you know.

The best an honest reporter can do is not to dispute it, and report it straight.

On Friday, one such Umno politician jumped into the fray with his instant wisdom and earned himself a mention in the NST. The Nasty Times, being an obedient poodle of Umno especially at election time, did what one might vaguely regard as the honourable thing and reported him quite non-committally.

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