Even Corruption Trumps Extremism

By G. Krishnan

Umno’s corruption may be disgusting, but enough voters still seem to be suspicious of PAS’ extremists.

Umno’s victory in Bagan Pinang was almost assured even before the candidates were announced. Most well-informed insiders in both the Umno and Opposition camps will privately concede as much. Of course neither side – and especially not Umno – could afford to take anything, even a constituency such as Bagan Pinang, for granted. But the handwriting was on the wall from early on.

PAS was of course hoping that wrestling the seat away from Umno would be a huge feather in its cap; not to mention that it would give PAS even more muscle in the Opposition coalition. The fact that PAS got handily knocked down should serve to teach PAS (and the Opposition in general) several lessons.

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