MCA vote leaves media in a spin

By uppercaise

The results of MCA’s extraordinary general meeting had all the major newspapers and news sites in a spin yesterday, with everyone seemingly taking sides. Only MalaysiaKini and Malaysian Mirror appear to have given a coherent and balanced account, with the Mirror presenting the more complete picture.

There were plenty of details in its blow-by-blow account, ‣ A day of fallen super heroes, starring Superman, Batman and Spiderman.

The Mirror and MySinchew both did a poor job of displaying the MCA story, though. The Mirror’s huge graphic pushed the the two teasers for the story to below the fold.

Similarly, MySinchew’s rotating skybox presented two views of Obama and four views of the MCA story, with the real teasers tucked away almost below the fold.

The NST said Ong Tee Keat ousted himself and then sneered at the MCA calling them “Losers All”. And both the NST and Malaysian Insider shamed themselves by blatantly taking a stand against Ong Tee Keat.

But the MCA-owned Star shamed itself with journalistic paralysis, and could barely report the facts.

On the other hand, Sin Chew accomplished an amazing feat (and picked up by Malaysia Today) — it produced a one-paragraph editorial to start off its five-paragraph news report.

And Utusan Online, Berita Harian Online and Bernama didn’t find the story worth chasing and were slow to report the story on their web front pages until almost half an hour after the rest.