MCA: The final curtain

The 101010 EGM that took place yesterday at Wisma MCA has produced a result which was not anticipated by many quarters.

Many had predicted that the delegates would either choose between OTK or CSL and about a week ago, theories of hidden hand is at play to ensure a fresh group of people with lead the party.

2. Some even said that UMNO is the hand behind the hidden hand in MCA because they are fed up with MIC and MCA failure to deliver their part. They tried it with Samy Vellu but failed and with MCA as well. CSL is preferred choice compared to OTK because the latest revelation involving PKFZ that has embarrassed the government.

3. OTK is famous for his bluntness. CSL is famous for his sex scandal. Personality wise OTK appears to be no nonsense kind of person with clear principles. It appears that he only want to work with the people of his choice and not the choice of the MCA members. This led to maneuvers to remove CSL which eventually led to the event yesterday.

4. There are many ways to interpret the results of the EGM. Quite clearly the mainstream and internet media has interpret that that the delegates do not want both of them to remain in the party. If this is a simple game of football and the one with the greater votes (goal), then the outcome is clear. But this is politics and politics are a complicated game.

5. In analyzing the EGM results, we have to evaluate the outcome in total and not by the specific resolutions. The EGM showed that OTK has about half (49.7%) of the delegates support and 52.4% of the delegates wants CSL to be suspended as well 51.6% does not want him to be the Deputy president. This mean is that OTK still clearly has the support of the members despite the marginal loss compared CSL significant loss. Taken as a whole, OTK is still a winner despite the numbers says otherwise.