We shall overcome….

By Steadyaku47

As I read the blogs and the emails sent to me these last few days I sense a feeling of hoplessness and despair as we near the end of the campaigning for the by-election in Bagan Pinang.

As they see the happenings around them the reality of what money and power can do in any elections starts to sink in. Ask anybody that has taken the trouble to go to Bagan Pinang and they will tell you that if the election was to be decided by whom have put up the most flags, the most banners and the most pendants and the most buntings…then they will tell you that Barisan have already won. If the election were to be decided by who was the most generous in the giving of cash and all things material – Barisan would have already won. If  the election was to be decided by which of the two candidates was able to reach more of the constituents  -again Barisan would have already won – because Isa was allowed access to the army camps. Zulkefly was not. It would seem that the people are resigned to the possibility that victory will go to those with large purses and big armies. It is impossible for Pakatan Rakyat to win.


I have learned to use the word impossible with the greatest of caution. I have many times remind us all of the power of one. You are one. With me we are two. Bagan Pinang is a battle. A battle that we would like to win but do not for a moment take your eyes of the war that we are in with Barisan. That war will have its conclusion at the next General elections. For now we have to face the battle that will take place at Bagan Pinang. We must make our preparations. And we MUST have focus and commitments from every one of you. Every one of you must take this as your own personal battle. Do as I do. All I can do from here is write. I write whatever I can to make those who read what I write understand that our time for change has come. Join us. Tell your friend that their apathy will kill us. You have not told anyone? Then go now and ask them to be with us. Are you in or are you out? Follow us. There might just be ten of us now but tomorrow there will be eleven, the next day tweleve. And that is the way we will evolve. The power of one. Every person counts. We are in this together.We want to do this. Come with me. Come stand with me.



If you think that this by-election is just about winning then I tell you that you are wrong. It is about a Prime Minister that tells us the world that Malaysia has the right formula for national harmony in 1Malaysia and then sends his goons into Bagan Pinang to tell the Malays and the Soldiers there that they must vote UMNO for the Malays to survive. For Islam to flourish. Conviniently running down PAS as a party that is prepared to work with the non believers just so they could take power.



It is about UMNO, a political party that has been given 50 years to put the Malays on par with the other races but instead used that time and opportunity to become a party overflowing with richness, greed and arrogance.

It is about a government that subjects its people to thuggery and physical sufferings and pains by unleashing its own Police to beat its people senseless in the name of keeping civil peace and harmony amongst its people.

It is about two candidates. One from UMNO that has already been convicted of corruption, that had already plundered Negri Sembilan of billions of Ringgits taken for himself and his cronies against another from PAS that has his office on the top floor of a shop lot.