Samy Vellu cannot remove MIED from MIC: ex-Youth chief

(The Star) – Embattled MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu cannot remove the Maju Institute of Educational Development (MIED) out of the MIC even if he wants to.

MIED life member S. A. Vigneswaran says Samy Vellu would first have to obtain the consensus of everyone relevant to the organisation in order to make the drastic move.

The seven-member board of trustees, MIED’s 25 life members as well as the MIC Central Working Committee (CWC) members would have to first give their consent for this to happen, said Vigneswaran when contacted.

He added this would not be an easy task for Samy Vellu as many of them felt that the MIED was the MIC’s saving grace.

“So there need not be any hue and cry about Samy Vellu’s alleged hijacking of the MIC as it won’t happen,” said Vigneswaran.

If it happens, it could only be done with the agreement of the Central Working Committe. It could not be done by Samy Vellu unilaterally, he said.

Samy Vellu’s alleged plan to divorce the MIED from the MIC came to light recently when the party president revealed his plan to turn the party’s educational arm into a foundation and himself as its head.

Vigneswaran also said that as far as he knew, no MIED members’ meeting had been held from the time he had been appointed a life member in 2002.

Meanwhile, a source involved with MIED as well as the MIC said Samy Vellu had made many arbitrary decisions about MIED though he did not have the power to do so.

“He was merely the MIED chairman and not an executive chairman, so his powers were limited.

“Nevertheless, he made his decisions arbitrarily without consulting the trustees or the members,” he said.

He added that many MIED board members as well as the party CWC members felt strongly about the proposed removal of the educational arm from the MIC.

“But we are keeping silent out of respect for Samy Vellu,” he said.

Meanwhile, MIC Youth national secretary C. Sivarraajh said the Youth wing would oppose all efforts to take MIED and AIMST University from MIC.

“The link between MIED and AIMST to the MIC is undeniable but the two of them are independent entities, run by its own board of trustees and management members,” he said, adding that this was because political parties could not have business entities.

He said Samy Vellu had indicated that he wanted to bring outsiders to strengthen the administration of the two entities.

“Samy Vellu did not at any time say that he was going to take the two entities out of MIC,” he said.

Sivarraajh was commenting on former deputy president Datuk S. Subramaniams allegations that Samy Vellu had lied about the ownership of the two entities.

Calling Samy Vellus statement a blatant lie, Subramaniam said it only confirmed rumours that the MIC president was planning to hijack the immensely valuable organisations held in trust for the party.

MIED founder trustee Tan Sri K. S. Nijhar said he was not aware of any hijacking attempt of MIED by anybody.

“I dont believe in these allegations until I see proof of them in a board meeting,” he said.

He said the registered owners of MIED were the subscriber directors and trustees who hold the shares in trust for MIC.

“MIC is the beneficial owner but since MIED has no paid up capital and is a non-profit foundation, it is the trustees who control it,” he said, adding that MIED also owned the Vanto Building and AIMST.

Sivarraajh said even Nesa Cooperation in which Subramaniam was chairman was also linked to MIC as it was started by the MIC leadership to help the Indian community.

“MIC Youth questions the intention of Subramaniam in questioning this issue. We feel he has an ulterior motive, with a hidden agenda to tarnish the MIC leadership,” he said.

He said Subramaniam was coming out with the statements to remain relevant in the political arena after his loss in the MIC party elections last month.

“He (Subramaniam) should strive to unite the different Indian political parties rather than trying to tarnish the image of MIC,” he said.