What’s Gopala’s DNA doing on TBH’s clothes?

By Eyes Wide Open

This is extremely strange! First of all, aren’t bodies minutely examined for evidence, then all clothing removed and the body washed before being placed on the autopsy table? I would have thought that was standard autopsy procedure! Just how did Gopala’s DNA get onto TBH’s blazer then?

The Malaysian Insider reports that Dr Seah Lay Hong, a government scientist, concluded that the DNA labelled “Male 1” came from M. Gopala, a road accident victim.

A conclusion like this is incredible, and especially disconcerting in this case where witnesses are recalled to present new questionable evidence. It is only going to open up more speculations of a highly suspicious nature!

I am not going to debate the pros and cons of Dr Seah’s conclusions as I have no evidence nor access to evidence nor any insider information on the autopsy.But Dr Seah’s conclusion gives rise to many important questions that go beyond the significance of Teoh Beng Hock’s death and refelcts on the credibility of the medical standards practised in Malaysia!

The questions raised by Dr Seah’s conclusion raises even more questions. Here are some that come immediately to my mind:

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