No such letter that Najib wanted Isa, says Tengku Adnan

(Malaysian Mirror) – Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor has denied issuing a letter that revealed it was Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak who had wanted former Negeri Sembilan mentri besar Isa Abdul Samad to represent the party in the Bagan Pinang by-election.


adnan.jpg“I never issued such a letter, this is a lie. It is a forgery by the opposition to try and cause disunity in Umno specifically in Bagan Pinang,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama.


The letter, which carries his office letterhead, has sparked rumblings throughout the state, where Umno internal rivalry and factionalism has been simmering.

Of particular interest was the paragraph that read: Umno’s Supreme Council deeply regrets to inform that the candidate proposed by the Negeri Sembilan Umno Liaison Committee has to be rejected because the party president wants Tan Sri Isa Samad to be the candidate for the Bagan Pinang by-election.

bagan-pinang-election.pngThe state liaison committee is headed by current Mentri Besar Mohamad Hasan. It is no secret that there are differences between him and his predecessor Isa.

In fact, speculation is now growing that should Isa win the Bagan Pinang state seat, he will eventually be promoted to his old post – the chief ministership – while Hasan will be dropped.

Isa overcame a corruption and vote-buying record to be selected by Umno’s top leaders. Despite protests from party elders such as former president Mahathir Mohamad, he was still fielded. He will face PAS’s state chief Zulkefly Omar in the by-election, which is due to be balloted on Oct 11.

bpinang7.jpgSaid Tengku Adnan: ” This is a desperate tactic by them because they know Bagan Pinang is an Umno stronghold.”

Did Najib make the right call

Pundits believe the odds are still with Isa because Bagan Pinang is part of the wider Teluk Kemang parliamentary constituency, and he is the Umno division chief there.

To have not fielded him may have placated his detractors including Mohamad Hasan. But it could have spurred the Teluk Kemang Umno voters to boycott the by-election and hand victory to PAS.

“I only want to serve my kampung people. I have been in politic for more than 20 years and this is the first time that I will be contesting in my own place,” a confident and ambitious Isa told Malaysian Mirror:

“I believe they will choose me as their leader. I believe that I can win because I have the experience. I know Negeri Sembilan and I believe that I can help in solving the problems that are  were being faced by the people.”