Corruption is corruption…even in Mecca

By Steadyaku47

Barisan’s Nasional sheep’s…errr I mean leadership are falling over themselves to find superlatives to better each other in praising Isa Samad.

Samy Velu said “well liked and humble person.” In the present climate you need an endorsement by Samy Velu like you would need a hole in your head!

Din the Home Gangster….sorry I mean Minister said 
"His candidature is in line with the wishes of the people…and is also in line with the BN's policy that the people come first". Is this guy for real? It is a well-documented fact that human only use one tenth of their brainpower. With Din it could be less!

The Rakyat were not left out – ‘a people’s leader”, ‘has broad support”… “best choice”…  “support from Chinese and Indian” …and the clincher is that classic line from Mahyuddin “They mentioned it thrice – only then did I announce it”…such an excess of stupidity…so sad…so sad.

Now who is this  Isa Samad? Isa was suspended for three years for money politics in the 2004 Umno elections. He was originally suspended for six years but it was reduced after he appealed. This guy was convicted of corruption. Corruption is corruption. Even in Mecca!

He was Menteri Besar of Negri Sembilan for 22 years.

Enough time to ensure that by the time he left, the State Treasury of Negri Sembilan was in debt to the tune of almost Ringgit 1 Billion.