Gross Travesty Of Justice in Kugan’s case

By Naragan N.

The police cannot be be held accountable for anything they do in this country, either for the bribes we all give them daily or for the outright murder of citizens that they commit with impunity every now and then. They are a law unto themselves.

They absolutely are a law unto themselves. This is the way it works in our country now. Outright thuggery by the police. There is no justice whatsoever for the weak and defenceless. The weak and defenceless are being preyed on daily by these salaried thugs.

My heart bleeds when I think of the outright abuses being committed now with damned impunity in trying to bring to book those criminals within the police department who caused Kugan’s death. There were 21 police personnel involved in the death of Kugan one way or another. Finally, one corporal is charged.

The Police force is mainly Malay in its composition, but the only policeman charged is an Indian Malaysian policeman. I do not understand what they are trying to project, or say, or imply. Are they trying to play down any potential for it appearing like the Malay Police force is involved in cruel acts against Indian Malaysian citizens?

Then the AG, mind you the AG himself, said the charges preferred against this corporal is causing greivous hurt, and not attempt to murder, and all of that in the light of such damning evidence. Let me quote from a Malaysiakini interview:

“Abdul Gani also took pains to explain why Navindran was not charged with murder.”There is no evidence that the deceased suffered instant death. Instead, the deceased died four days after the alleged beating. “Therefore, there was a wide gap in between and a charge of murder could not be preferred against the suspect. “The finding of the medical report did not show that the deceased died due to the injuries suffered by him. But the result of acute myocarditis, a viral infection of the heart,” he said.

Here we have Kugan who is killed while under police custody. Beaten unmercifully. He died of viral infection of the heart, we are told to believe by  the senior-most caretaker of the law in our country. What is happening in our country, my inside cries.

Yet those poor chaps at Batu Caves who on the 25th of Nov 2007, were involved in an incident where one policeman was hurt were all charged immediately, immediately, and all of them, not just one and not after eight months, with murder and bail disallowed by this same AG. All of this with impunity.

This is the justice of this country. I cannot write anymore as I am overcome now with emotion over my helplessness in the light of such ruthless and gross travesties of justice.

There is no justice whatsoever for the weak and the defenceless.