The wonders of PR: more deaths=less failure

By Eyes Wide Open

Fox Communications Sdn Bhd is a local PR outfit that has been retained by the PDRM at a cost to taxpayers to the tune of about RM34,000 per month. Well, I guess they must be giving themselves a hearty pat on the back for getting this plum contract. I mean, why would the police need a PR firm for since they have their own PR officers?

But I guess with the latest Ops Sikap debacle, the cops need all the help they can get to salvage their image after yet another failure.

After all, who would have been clever enough to spin the increased death toll recorded during Ops Sikap 20 as something POSITIVE? Who better than the people who are so experienced in spinning stories for the government for a living – the ex-MSM journos who own Fox Communications!

The Star reports that:


Death Toll Increase Doesn’t Mean Ops Sikap Failed

(Bernama) — The increase in death toll in the 20th Ops Sikap which ended last Sunday does not reflect the failure of the operation. Rather, it is seen as a wake-up call to road users in the country.

Traffic Police Chief Datuk Abdul Aziz Yusof said that although the death toll was more than that during the same period last year, the average of fatalities was slightly lower at 17.7 per cent compared with 17.8 per cent in 2008.

He said this was despite the registration of 800,000 new vehicles and 500,000 more vehicles using the North-South Expressway (PLUS), bringing the total to two million vehicles, compared with 1.5 million last year.

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“Does not reflect the failure of the operation”?

Well, success or failure would depend on whether the objectives have been met wouldn’t it? If they were met, then it’s a success. if not, then it’s a failure.

It’s really very simple, even small children can understand:

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