Choose Isa because he did not cost you RM 21 billion

Tun Dr Mahathir has made his case against choosing Tan Sri Isa as the candidate for the Bagan Pinang by election. He claims that Tan Sri Isa is a tainted candidate and choosing him will show that UMNO is a corrupt party.

Actually, what is Tan Sri Isa's high crime? Giving money to politicos who have to spend money taking care of the juak. And why do they have to spend money, and a lot of it.

Imagine if the cost of the vote was tied to the price of a car, perhaps the latest Honda, something like a indexed linked fun.

TS Isa's problem is no longer of ethics, its of cost. We all know about A/Ps. We all know about the high tax placed on foreign imports. We all look enviously at our neighbours driving the latest cars on our roads, and picking up the speed bill, whilst we are still paying off that New Saga we bought 3 years ago.

Imagine if we did not have this Mahanomics brain child, and the laws of the free market was in place.

What loss is to the country?

The argument was made that with Proton, we would have the necessary technical expertise to undertake many great things, like send a man to the moon. The fact remains we had to pay the Russians RM 10 million to send our man into space. We have to fork out RM 300 million a year to launch the Formula 1 1Malaysia programme, and at the same time rely on our ex-colonial masters to run the technical show.

So what actually we have gained?

I can tell you how much we lost.