Hassan Ali – hero or Nero?

By Eyes Wide Open

Who is Hasan Ali trying to be a hero to with his antics?
a) The Malay electorate
b) Selangorians in general
c) PAS

Hasan Ali’s various unilateral pronouncements about what the Selangor State government will and should do is becoming an unbearable thorn in the Pakatan’s side. But all his heroics is tantamount to Emperor Nero playing his fiddle while Rome was burning to ashes.

I won’t go into all his other histrionics about other issues that only serve to show up his hypocrisy and shallowness. I’ll just use his latest moronic outburst about the SELCAT hearings.

Hasan Ali is so worried about Malay DO’s being embarassed when being asked about the BN ADUN expenditures. He is very concerned that SELCAT is government-controlled and not independent. He is extremely disturbed that making the DO’s feel and look bad is un-Islamic.

Ahh…the sound of his voice – so like the infernal scratchings of Nero’s fiddle while the burning questions remain unanswered:

– Why did the BN spend all the millions of their annual allocations within the first 2 months of the year?

– Why were stacks of almost 200 applications approved en bloc within a minute?

– Why did the DO’s not do their job, which is to vet and approve only if the individual projects had merit?

– Why did the DO’s not advise the BN reps not to spend all the money within 2 months, leaving nothing for the rest of the year?

– Why did the DO’s not put their feet down and reject the applications as were in their rights and power (and indeed their DUTY) to do so?

– Why was all these kept under wraps?

But instead of seeking to find the answers to these questions and thus upholding the principles of Amar Makruf Nahi Mungkar (enjoin good, reject evil), Hasan Ali seems more interested in Bela Salah, Tutup Benar (defend the wrong, cover the truth).

Bela Salah because Hasan Ali seems to be more interested in making sure that the DO’s (who did not do their duties properly as neutral civil servants but chose to obey their political masters) are not embarassed, rather than to get to the truth of the matter.

Tutup Benar because instead of upholding the CAT (Competence, Accountability and Transparency) in SELCAT, Hasan Ali wants all the dirty secrets to remain as secrets by having the hearings behind closed doors.

On that score alone, Hasan Ali deserves to be called a moron.

A public hearing would ensure Accountability and Transparency, and exposures of wrongdoing would let people see the level of Competence in the civil service and politicians. If the SELCAT hearings were held behind closed doors, isn’t that going against the very objectives of SELCAT in the first place?

The whole SELCAT idea might as well be thrown in the dustbin then!

And his assertion that the SELCAT is government-controlled and calling for it to be comprised of neutral eminent persons is an insult of the highest order uttered by a person of an intellect of the lowest order.

First of all, does Hasan mean that the current SELCAT is NOT made up of eminent persons?

Secondly, his outburst shows the shallowness of his understanding of the doctrine of separation of powers. He cannot seem to understand the difference between Executive and Legislature, between political party and government. Heck, he can’t seem to even understand the difference between being held accountable to principles and being personally embarassed for having their wrongdoings exposed.

Hello! Don’t want to be embarassed, then don’t do wrong la!

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