Face off

By SteadyAku

In my writing I have tried, where I can, to be even handed in the things that I say though I must confess that in the heat of the moment I am not beyond making comments that would, on reflection, be termed a bit remiss. About a year ago I received an email which asked me the question: “Have I not heard that there were people within UMNO who have argued that UMNO should look towards getting themselves “ready” for what is to come – if their position was threatened? – Especially in the light of the last GE”. My immediate response was to ask, “What does he mean by getting ready?”

Since then we have had a number of exchanges and others have joined in the ‘loop’ to argue the ‘for’ and ‘against’ this “readiness” of UMNO to meet any challenge that comes their way. Logic tells me that what UMNO will do first and foremost is to see what they can do to counter the tsunami that hit them in the last General Election.

If they need to change leader they will do so. This they have done with the dismissal of Pak Lah.

Then they go for the opposition. Go for Pakatan Rakyats leaders. Hit Anwar. They have done so through the Judiciary and through any underhand tactics they could muster. Hit Karpal Singh. If they could they would have physically harm him outside Parliament when those brave Pemuda UMNO confronted that old man in his wheel chair. Harass Lim Kit Siang – but nothing much they could do to this man – he is too seasoned and able to take care of himself. Love your enemies to death – they tried that with PAS – no can do!

Now UMNO know the tide is really turning against them. The Rakyat are beginning to show their contempt and disgust too – demonstrations, the web and that “ out with UMNO feeling” that you just know is sweeping through the nation has started to make everyone wake up and do their personal best to keep the momentum of that “feeling” to continue to embrace us all across the nation. 

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