OTK – What a crafty bugger!

By Eyes Wide Open

Those of you who remember my "behind the scenes" peek at the MCA, will remember I said Chua Soi Lek is Najib's proxy in the attempt to make MCA even more of the eunuch it already is.

OTK, for whatever reasons – elevate himself to hero status, real sense of integrity and professionalism, or fighting for MCA's survival – decided to make a real attempt at getting to the bottom of the PKFZ mega-scandal.

He has been resisted at every point – accussations, lawsuits, smear campaigns, etc. Then OTK reveals a million-ringgit attempt to remove him from MCA (no guessing who's gonna replace him then la).

OTK checked that attempt by sacking CSL from the MCA. With CSL out of the way, there would be no other viable UMNO proxy in the MCA.

But after that, there was the struggle for who gets to have the EGM. OTK seemed to have the upper hand as he had control of the entire Presidential machinery. But CSL had strong grassroots support, so it was still a toss up who would win the EGM game.

But, surprises of surprises, OTK CONCEDED the entire EGM agenda to CSL!! It wasn't even a merged agenda but it was entirely the CSL camps agenda.

Now this is extremely unusual as we have seen so far that OTK is a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners politician. It is not like him to concede anything. Was he pressured?

Could be.

Did anyone notice that all the media attacks on OTK ceased around the time he announced he conceded the EGM agenda to CSL? Was that part of the bargain – OTK's personal survival in exchange for his political surrender? Hmmm…

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