Prince vs Prince – what will the Royal Malaysian Police do now?

By Reina

The Police are royally screwed now.

POLICE credibility is probably at its lowest. Today The Nut Graph in its Trusting the Police article shows inst

The police probably had good reasons for the actions they had taken but since scant explanation has been given, there is a tendency for the public to believe in rumours and hearsay.

The same goes for some claims that people have been detained by the police and only released when a certain amount is paid. Some say police demand RM3,000, some say the amount can be as high as RM30,000. Just how far these claims are true, no one knows for sure.

And then there are stories about how police treat those in police custody – the number of custodial deaths somehow make it difficult for the public to believe that these deaths are all the result of natural causes or suicides.

Then there are stories about how the police refuse to take action despite numerous police reports for some reason or other.

Again, the credibility issue is at play here – in an environment shrouded with secrecy, the tendency to trust unverified sources is great.

You do not get to read many of these stories or claims in the mainstream media because for the longest time the standing instruction from the Prime Minister’s Department is that police brutality, corruption and inaction not be reported at all or in cases where these kinds of stories have to be reported then they should not be highlighted.