Govt admits RPK revealed secrets

Raja Petra’s Malaysia Today website suffered a second day of access problems Saturday, after the Federal Government tacitly admitted that he had indeed revealed Cabinet secrets, and reacted strongly by ordering a police investigation into the expose of government documents on the controversial Port Klang Free Zone.


On Saturday, Malaysia Today’s home page was not directly available until late in the day. I finally got the home page loading directly at approximately 16:12, although access through an online proxy had been intermittently possible from about 14:30 Saturday. A mirror site « » was also not available.

On Friday, the Prime Minister tacitly acknowledged that the documents could be genuine.

Najib said … the government was not denying the public its right to information on the PFKZ but the disclosure of the confidential paper breached the Official Secrets Act.

“Cabinet papers are classified under the OSA and it is illegal for anyone to reveal them. The police will have to look into this.”
NST Online | Cops to probe cabinet paper leak (19 September 2009)

The police also said tacitly admitted the papers were genuine by saying they were looking for the source of the leak.

Police have summoned several individuals to record statements on the posting of the Cabinet Paper. [The deputy IGP] said police were investigating how the Cabinet Paper which involved the Official Secrets Act (OSA) could be exposed online. “We are investigating to find out who is responsible for exposing information on the Cabinet Paper.”