As Samy apologises, Dr M slams hypocrisy

(Malaysian Mirror) – MIC president S Samy Vellu has offered to apologise to former premier Mahathir Mohamad over insulting remarks made by one of his party members but his gesture may be a little too little, a little too late.

The 84-year old Mahathir has already brushed aside the episode, saying the remarks did little to hurt him and that this was not the first nor the worst insult he has received through the decades.

mic-1.gif“This is not the first time I have been insulted,” he was quoted as telling Bernama.

“People might have forgotten how Umno leaders had insulted me. Nazri (the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department) and the previous menteri besar of Kedah wanted me expelled from Umno. However, then no one gave any reaction. No one dared to say anything.”

Why is everyone suddenly defending me

At the MIC’s annual meeting last Sunday, Pahang leader M Sukumaran suggested that “a garland of slippers” be hung around Mahathir’s portrait at the Umno headquarters to show the Indian party’s dissatisfaction over remarks the former PM had made about Samy’s leadership.

Just the day before, Mahathir had practically called for Samy to step down, saying he had contributed little to the Indian community.

Samy slammed his former boss for those words, which many observers believed were aimed at boosting the chances of arch rival S Subramaniam in wresting the No.2 post over Samy's preferred successor G Palanivel and taking over when Samy retired in 2012.

Nevertheless, Samy has apparently recapitulated. In a statement issued on Thursday, he expressed regret over the incident.

“I will meet him personally to explain the whole episode and extend my apology. I have always had the highest respect for Tun Dr Mahathir. He is a great leader and a statesman,” said the Indian leader.

Nevertheless, despite the commotion, the sardonic Mahathir has chosen to attack enemies from within his own Umno party instead.

“Suddenly I have become popular. Everyone is defending me. As I said… previously when I was insulted, asked to be expelled from Umno no one showed any reaction. Why the reaction now?,” he asked.

“Then, no one defended me. At least not openly. Some did on the quiet but the big names dared not.”