PR wooing for more BN rejects

By Naragan N.

PR is now out shopping for the losers of the  MIC elections. Subramaniam has been in MIC all these years, he has lost and it looks like he may not get another chance in MIC. Consider his track record. Why is he attractive to PKR?

What has he done as a Politician, as a Deputy Minister, as a leader of the party that was supposed to represent the Indians. Can any one tell of one significant thing he has done for the people he was supposed to have represented? 

If PR is trying to woo politicians like him into PR , then think for a moment, just what kind of a party is PR. They just picked up another BN reject recently, Chua Jui Meng. This tells us a lot about PR, PKR and DAP, the key players in this buyout game. Let me quote The Malaysian Insider:

‘The Malaysian Insider understands that while PKR is said to be interested in Subramaniam, the DAP is more interested in K.P. Samy as they see him as a credible Indian grassroots leader in Selangor with connections to the Hindraf movement. Samy is being courted by top DAP leaders like Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran and Penang Deputy Chief Minister Prof Dr P. Ramasamy,’.

We have been and still are hoping that with a PR government at the Federal level, there will be policy changes. But with all this kind of leadership manouvres, that looks a remote possibility. I fear it is going to be more of the same nonsense. These politicians ultimately are interested only in votes of the people.. They are all the same, let us not delude ourselves.

There will probably be some changes, maybe to the ISA, maybe to the judicial system, maybe to the Police, maybe to the Election commission operating methods, a few more goodies to the poorer Malays and to the non-Malays. But I do not expect that there will be more than that. Basic policies relating to how the resources of the nation will be managed will remain. The elite will continue to garner the lion’s share of the national resources and the rakyat will get the tidbits.

For policy change to happen, the policies of the different parties must be guided by some ideology. Except for PAS, the other two parties have no formal ideology to guide them. They have populist policies which is just another way of saying let something trickle down to the rakyat . This is their informal ideology. Give just enough to win in elections. This is what I predict PKR and DAP will be doing.

But many will say, no, this cannot happen. Surely .

Wasn’t it supposed to be that way when the alliance government was formed in 1955. They got Merdeka for all Malaysians, did they not. Then what happened, why are we all up in arms today against them. What happened to UMNO, MCA and MIC along the way. What happened was that the power elite of the country took over.

In appearance UMNO,MCA and MIC work for the people. In reality they work for themselves and all the power elite of this country, but not for the people. What you get is a business/politics nexus and all the incumbent violations of the Federal Constitution and massive corruption of individuals, systems and institutions.

Is Pakatan Rakyat really any different. The predictors tell us they are no different.

Back to us citizens. We as citizens of the country need to become more aware of all these tendencies and start making preparations to increase accountability of politicians – something that they abhor.They will try to keep us divided so we cannot get together and hold them accountable. Just like what Kapitan Lim Guan Eng has done in Kampung Buah Pala. As long as the villagers were united they held him accountable. The moment he had them divided he washed his hands off the case.

Let us not be naïve and think that we are going to get a Federal Government that is going to change everything when PR takes over the reins in Putrajaya. Few things will change, most will not. The predictors are suggesting that. The only way we can change is to continue to hold every political party, every politician, every government accountable to the rakyat for their every performance. We the rakyat have the responsibility to do that.

This is going to come only through struggle. Do not just think the world will change after the next elections as many people keep reiterating to us whenever we talk about the failures of the DAP government in Penang. Do not be deluded that the answer to the woes of Malaysia and Malaysians will all be settled after the next General Elections.
I for one can already see how DAP is going to be driving their policies if ever (god forbid) they get to Putrajaya.