PKR man: Why is Ooi not hauled up?

(NST) PUTRAJAYA: Parti Keadilan Rakyat member of parliament Zulkifli Noordin has questioned why no action was taken against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's chief of staff Ooi Chuan Aun, for linking Jemaah Islah Malaysia (JIM) to religious extremists.

"Until today, he refuses to apologise over his statements," Zulkifli, who is also Kulim Bandar Baharu MP, wrote in his blog.

"He is still free and so far no legal action has been taken against him. Why is the attorney-general not acting against him?

"And why can't he be charged under the Sedition Act or Section 298A of the Penal Code?"

Ooi, who is also Jelutong MP, was reported to have brushed off attacks from Forum Penyelarasan Umat (Forum) to compel him to resign.

The DAP leader had claimed that Forum was not a registered entity and it was backed by Umno, which was looking to cause trouble within Pakatan Rakyat.

Forum had launched a campaign to collect 100,000 signatures to pressure Ooi to step down as chief of staff for allegedly labelling JIM an extremist group.

Zulkifli touched on legal action taken against 12 people over the cow-head incident in Shah Alam when he raised Ooi's case.

He also wrote that in Selangor, there were 647,000 Indians but 810 registered Hindu temples.

"Statistics also show that Selangor has 4.3 million people, of which 2.5 million are Muslims. However, there are only 259 mosques in the state."