MIC delegates – Vote wisely or vote for the highest bidder?

By Dr. Rafick

1. Whenever the MIC has its AGM, it is never a dull affair. What more when Samy Vellu is the drum major of the election. It has become a routine affair since several past elections where Samy made promises which he did not keep. At the rate things are going, Samy will only stop when is he is either dead or totally disable.


2. I have written several pieces about this man, the man of “value” where without him and his antics, Malaysian politics would have been a dull affair. He probably provides half of the entertainment in the Malaysian Political scene.

3. In a way Samy contributed significantly towards PR success in the recent General Election. That is why I said Samy Vellu as a “man of value”. So valuable, that PR cannot afford to have this man to go on early retirement. If PR knows what is good for them, they should pray, help and ensure that the Deputy and Vice President post will be won by his merry men.

4. Off all the post that is being contested tomorrow, I feel the Deputy President post is the most interesting contest. Dato Subramaniam was right when he said that there is 4th candidate contesting the post. It is the No 1 man himself. It seems that Samy is busy campaigning for Palanivel and he has set up a proxy to ensure that Subra votes will be split.

5. For the first time in the years of MIC political entertainment arena, prominent Malay has joined the election campaign. A person like Mahathir does not do things blindly. He sees the value of Samy to PR and he needs to ensure this valuable man is to be neutralized. He played his card well and this got Samy jumping out of his pants!

6. Whatever the case maybe, I am not in favor of Samy Vellu. He has significant tract record to be involved in dubious businesses. As usual, Malaysian will quickly forget about his misdeeds once the papers stop writing about. Most of the recent issues involve the MIC University and a piece of land in Bandar Utama.

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