An Open Letter to All MCA Delegates

Ong Tee Keat as President, MCA will Die

Ong Tee Keet was elected as president on 18 October, 2008 but he has done nothing and party is going down the drain fast. The PFKZ issue is just a show to make him look like hero in the eyes of Chinese community to cover up him and his cronies from stealing party assets and cash.

But chua soi lek also not a good alternative because of his sex scandal and will tarnish the image of the party further as a president.

So, MCA delagates – the future of MCA is in your hands. Here is a 10- part series to give you information to save the party from Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek.

1. Party HQ – revonavation costing party a lot of money. Why?

Did you know that during Tun Ling and Ong Ka Ting’s time, he would not enter the building by the front door because he is afraid of being “pantang by their feng shui”. So he gets his driver to go down to basement and he would come up through the car park lifts. He did this for years so now that he is president he wants to change the feng sui of the party and HQ. Please look at his hand and the number of colourful crystal beads he wears.

He consults many sifus. One sifu told him the council chamber on the 9th was no good so he did the renovation and it cost the party RM800,000. Then another sifu tld him that the renovated council chamber was also not good. So he renovated the 6th floor to become a second council chamber which cost the party another RM550,000.

He also changed the front door, the lobby and other floors were also renovated. He dismantled the internal set of stairs connecting 7th, 8th and 9th floor as well.

The entire renovation work done cost RM2 million.

He also wanted to change the way HQ is being managed by replacing our loyal staff with outside people who do not know anything about the party. They are also not members of the party even. These outside people tell our staff what to write and what not to write. How can?

2. Do you know what is happening inside CC and PC meetings

OTK is first concern is about feng shui. His second concern is his life as minister of transport. He flies here and there using government money and so, he has no time to hold PC and CC meetings.

Remember, he was elected party president on Oct 18, 2008 but the first PC and CC meetings only took place more than a month later. This is because he was badly criticized that he finally held his first PC meeting on Jan 2, 2009 and the first CC meeting on the Nov 11 2008. Now, only after one year, he only hold 6 PC and 5 CC meetings.

Last time, Ong Ka Ting’s years, PC meetings were every Tuesday and sure everybody must come so that can talk about issues to prepare for cabinet meeting on weds. In case party decision is needed. And CC meetings held regularly every month and only once in a while that meetings is ever changed. But for OTK, meetings change all the time until we all “kalang kabut” go here and there because he also like to change place last minute.

3. What happens in Cabinet?

The only leader with some Cabinet experience is Chua Soi Lek but he is very “actsy” and “LCLY” in his body language and he thinks everybody is stupid so OTK don’t like it. So to avoid discussing national matters in front of CSL, he form a Pre-cabinet council. Only Ministers and deputy ministers can come for this meeting. Even the Secretary-general and Treasurer-general are cannot attend the meetings. Is this right? This is not the decision of the PC or the CC but the decision of only a few people. How can this happen?

What is the use? He doesn’t talk inside the Cabinet anyway!! He prefer to fight with Ng Yen Yen like last time when he was youth chief and she was wanita chief.

OTK also don’t read cabinet papers. Only after things are passed in cabinet then only he brings up for CC and PC to discuss. What is the use? Too late!! Also many times he is not in the country travelling here and there with government money so no time to attend cabinet. Now we also know from Kuala Dimensi that he also take private jets and don’t pay petrol.

4. Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon

We also have crouching tiger and hidden dragon. Do you you know where? His name is Clement Hii in the Star. This fellow Clement Hii is from Sarawak and not a member of MCA.

He is now the owner of SEGI college. OTK ask Clement Hii to sack Steven Tan as MD for 20 years, and put Clement Hii as Deputy Chairman. Do you know under Steven Tan, the Star made Rm600million cash? And clement hii and OTK working on how to take out all this money. They want to develop section 13 land now rented out to UTAR for small rental. Clement Hii also used stat cash to inject into loss making companies or his cronies. This bastard clement hii also sacked many good people and management who have work very hard for the company for many years. He even replaced the CEO of 988 with a lady whom she herself was sacked formt he same station many years ago for indiscipline. Now, 988 is receiving many complaints that 988 is becoming a station for OTK.

Clement Hii pay himself RM6.5 million a year and he shares this money with OTK.

The star also owns a house in Bukit Tunku and OTK and Clement Hii has many meetings in this house to plot the future of MCA. Since Star is a PLC, should politicians use the premise for political reasons?

You know how powereful Clement Hii is? Even the treasuere general of the party has to make an appointment to see him and to ask for a board seat for Loke Yuen Yow, our CC member and deputy Sec gen. but Clement Hii rejected him.

Now the star is a laughing stock of the public. So many people say they don’t want to buy the paper anymore because it is the mouthpiece of Ong Tee Keat. It is rumoured that the staff have been told to black out news of other leaders like Ng Yen Yen, Liow Tiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong and Chua Soi Lek.

So Clement Hii is the crouching tiger and OTk is the Hidden dragon and both whacking our party’s money. See Part 6 for details of where the RM10 m went?

During Ong Ka Ting there was a proposal for a Central Board of Trustees (CBOT). If we had this, at least all these can be avoided. With CBOT we could prevent this kind of abuses. So how now, central committee members ?Please wake up and see you mistake! And please do something before its too late.

5. Lim Kit Siang set a trap in PKFZ for OTK

You know how? OTK stupidly took up Lim Kit Siang’s dare and fell deeply, deeply into a tunnel which he himself can no longer get himself out of. PKFZ has been explained already in Parliament four times about the increase in RM4.6 billion. Now he say that he must clean the party of the past because the downfall of Selangor was due to PKFZ. But he thinks we are stupid and forgetful. Actually, the fall of Selangor was because of Khir Toyo’s corruption and his famous brooms. And also Zakaria’s mansion in Klang. PKFZ was not the main election issue like he said now. Now that he has wallop the RM10m he wants to put the blame on everybody like UMNO, Najib, tiong, CSL and also former deputy president to divert attention from his RM10m.

Spin Spin Spin – that all he knows how to do.

6. So, where is the RM10 million now?

Why does Tan Sri and OTK like to visit Japan so much? Tan Sri Tee has helped to transfer the RM10m to Japan through a Japanese sogashosa closely associated with tan Sri Tee.

It is said that in one bank account alone, between OTK and his wife, they have safe deposits worth a million. It is said that they both receive between RM60-70K a month into their accounts from somewhere unknown.

7. OTK also has deep dark secrets

He likes to sell out friends. TS Lim, a close friend, supporter and advisor for 20 years as well as the former GM of PKA was sacked because OTK has found a new dog to play with – Clement Hii. One person called Tan Sri Ta who supported him when he had nothing – gave him a car and driver so that he could go around campaigning with dignity during his days under Tun Ling. Now Clement Hii told OTK to distance himself from Tan Sri Ta because Tan Sri Ta is a “pai kia” (bad hat).

Despite all the denials and painful pleadings for us to believe him _ yes, he did send his mother off to a home. Nothing wrong if she was well looked after but to deny it?? Why unless it was found that she was badly treated also by her own son?

8. Some more about Clement Hii’s background

Clement Hii’s background as the co-owner of SEGI University College . Back in his hometown in Sibu, Sarawak this boy claims that he was the editor in chief of Borneo Times at the age of 21. Actually, he was just a reporter but made side incomes (huge) by trafficking prostitutes from Philippines to Sarawak. His record still exists in Bukit Aman. He then ran away to the UK and got himself cleaned up by acquiring some sort of degree. Today, he makes money of educating NURSES (of all professions) instead.

He is truly the trouble behind the party’s woes now. He has purposely surrounded and engulfed the President with his own people. The president’s office is surrounded by Clement Hii’s own boys; OTK’s political secretary, Simon Lim ( a lawyer who represents Clement’s companies) and his special officer, Bruce Lim (former lecturer from Segi college). They control the diary as well as the -ins and the -outs of the party president. They record who he sees and where.

The more the party is messed up, the happier Clement is. He has plenty of time to dig the party’s coffers. RM600m cash in The Star– who doesn’t want that?? Members! Please wake up! This is YOUR money being taken away from you by a NON-MEMBER.

9. Chua Soi Lek’s real agenda; so-called resolution of the EGM

Is Chua Soi Lek the savior of MCA? He has been going around on the ground to seek support to push for his EGM – something he has been threatening to do since he never got the minister post. Now he tells the PM and the public that he will not seek ministerial positions but argues that he is the sole viable candidate to depose and take over Ong Tee Keat.

His agenda is simple; take control of the party and all the assets. Same selfish agenda like the present President.

His first resolution is about removing Ong Tee Keat ( ok, we can support that). The rest of the resolution is about removing all party records of his scandal!! What a joke – you think this is China? Removing records by burning bamboo sticks and edicts carved on stones???

Chua Soi Lek is the last man on earth to take over as our President.

10. MCA under MACC investigation

This week, the party HQ is being investigated by MACC. They demanded to know the list of donors as the party president was under intense media scrutiny that he had taken RM10m from the owner of Kuala Dimensi. This is a shameful event for MCA. Who would donate now to MCA? This would impact the states, divisions and branches. Such are the consequences of the president’s exposure of the PKFZ issue just so that he can become a hero for himself. He is clearly destroying the party for his own selfish gain.

Someone should send MACC to investigate Clement Hii and SEGI instead. Your party is being taken over by the BACKdoor! SEGI is an education institution – should it be so involved in politics? Someone should also alert the Securities Commission on this.

What Next?

1. Ong Tee Keat will continually be blaming the party’s past leadership for the a) downfall of Selangor because of PKFZ and therefore he has to cleanse the party of the past; that b) he is the victim of some conspiracy by Chua Soi Lek and UMNO.
2. Ong Tee Keat will continue to harp on suing Kuala Dimensi for accusing him of taking the RM10million. He is now spreading the rumour that the past deputy president has taken the money instead and not him.
3. The Disciplinary Board has already decided on the verdict of Chua’s case even before it even began. So yesterday kena sack already.
4. Chua Soi Lek will retaliate by organizing demonstrations of support and he will push for his own agenda via the EGM, which is devoid of any interest of the party or the BN.
5. Clement Hii will cunningly carry out mergers and acquisitions to suck up the party’s assets while the leaders are busy and distracted by the internal fights.
6. Finally; the party will be split and bankrupt.

What the Delegates must do?

1. Demand for the accounts of the party be tabled at this AGM; provided under the party constitution.
2. Demand that Ong Tee Keat swear (“cham pak kai”) at the Thien Hou temple that he never took the RM10 million.
3. Demand for the resignation of both the president and deputy president because both have tainted the image of the party and its members. Ask for fresh elections of all the central committee meetings. Those who stand the integrity and scrutiny of the members should not fear for they will stand to be re-elected.
4. Those with appointed positions should resign. You are serving the party against your own conscience. You are helping a self-serving president who is out to plunder the party’s assets and destroy the organization.
5. Dato’ Leong Tang Chong – please look after our RM600 million cash in The Star. The onus is solely on you as the chairman of The Star.
6. Tan Sri Tee Hock Seng and Dato Wong Foon Meng – please resign as treasurer general and secretary general respectively, with immediate effect if you have the conscience.
7. Look for fresh team of leaders!!