PAS members involved in cow head protest to get the boot

(The Star) – PAS members found to be involved in the cow head protest outside the Selangor state secretariat building will be severely dealt with, said Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad.

He said PAS would not hesitate to sack anyone from the party if they were found to have been involved in the protest.

He, however, refuted claims that four of the party members were involved in the Aug 28 protest in Shah Alam.

Khalid was referring to The Star report Thursday claiming that four PAS members were involved in the cow head protest against the relocation of the Sri Maha Mariamman temple from Section 19 to Section 23.

“I want to know what the allegations are based on, about the four protesters being PAS members. Was it just based on hearsay or do they have proof?

“If there is proof, then we will definitely take action as the protest is contrary to the party’s principles and beliefs,” said Khalid.

He also urged those with proof to come forward and provide the party with the necessary information so that appropriate action could be taken against those involved.