Mahathir’s tirade: MIC Youth defends Samy

(Malaysian Mirror) – MIC Youth is baffled with the statement by former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad over his interview with Makkal Osai newspaper on the MIC elections.

The MIC had always given utmost respect to him as an elder statesman and also during his tenure as prime minister although he had not done anything constructive for the Indian community, its leader T Mohan said in a statement tonight.

Never worked against Dr M

“Dr Mahathir had only approved a low allocation for the rehabilitation of Tamil schools in the country despite several requests. The MIC had never complained or worked against him,” he said.

t-mohan.pngReferring to Mahathir's tirade against MIC president Samy Vellu in the interview, Mohan (left) said that Mahathir seems to be behind time and has forgotten the heaps of praises he showered on Samy when he officiated the MIC general assemblies as PM.

"Mahathir had repeatedly described Samy Vellu as a fighter for the Indian community and equivalent to four ministers in the Cabinet but today, he claimed that Samy Vellu has not done anything for the Indian community.

"Even when he issued a statement against Samy Vellu two days before the March general elections, Samy Vellu did not respond to them as he had utmost respect for Dr Mahathir," Mohan recalled.

Keep out of MIC affairs

The youth chief asked Mahathir to keep away from MIC internal politics and let party members decide on their leaders through their own democratic process.

"We urge Dr Mahathir to allow MIC to conduct their own business and not to interfere in our party affairs.

"We feel Samy Vellu is still the best leader for MIC and this has been proven by him winning unopposed as the president in April. The party has its own transition pland which should be allowed to take its own course," Mohan added.