Opposition causing ‘extreme events’

(NST) MENTERI Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said the opposition's strong desire to take over from Barisan Nasional was the primary cause of "extreme events" which of late have been dominating the country's political scene.

Without naming the incidents, Ghani said political approaches by the opposition seemed to be designed in such a way that they would touch the "raw nerves and sensitivities" of each and every racial group in the country.

"In their excitement to gain power, the opposition seems to be quite willing to forget the extreme divide in their political aspirations.

"They are even willing to be piggy-backed to achieve that goal.

"All they are concerned is how to gain power. They never really care how they are going to administer the country after that. These are all the ingredients which could lead to the destruction of this country."

Ghani said this in response to Lee Hong Tee (BN-Jementah) who expressed concern over recent unhealthy political practices by the opposition during his turn at the adjournment debate.

Lee said the opposition were now promoting violence and extreme religious views through streets demonstrations.

"They apparently want us to replace the country's traditionally moderate political culture which BN had promoted over the past 52 years.

"They are even willing to pawn the people's future for the sake of their political interests," he said.

Describing the informal Pakatan Rakyat coalition as akin to a cohabiting couple who have yet to get married, Lee said the people have yet to know what form of alliance was going to be once they were given the mandate to rule the country.

"For now, all that is certain about them is that Pas and DAP actually hate each other, but are sleeping in the same bed prepared by the self-satisfying PKR."

Lee added if the performance of currently troubled Pakatan Rakyat-led state governments was to be used as a yardstick of how the Federal government was going to be under their rule, the future of the country would be bleak.