Section 23 Town Hall fiasco: Punish those thugs!

By Dr Rafick

1.Yesterday online news carried the story that an alternative temple site was found in Section 23. It showed that the MB, the MP and ADUN as well as PKNS and the Mayor of Shah Alam visited various prospective sites.

2.  I am very appreciative of the effort put in by Tan Sri Khalid in leading the Shah Alam MP, Khalid Samad and others in finding a solution on ground. Despite that I still feel that this not a job of the State CEO. This should have been handled by the MBSA. It is quite obvious that MBSA has not played a major role here.

 3.  Yesterday evening, I spent a few hours browsing the website which post different videos on what took place in the Town hall meeting. Every time I see the video, it increasingly increased my anger. It was also reported that some of the trouble makers are not residents of Section 23 but were from Bukit Jelutong. Apparently there is one character that was the son of a prominent UMNO ex-state leader.

4.  The video showed that the thugs did not go there to have a meeting but they went there to disrupt the meeting. The main characters are very few of them and typical in a herd mentality, the rest echoed what is being shouted. I bet that the level minded residents have no chance to say their piece.

5.  From the video, I could see this gentleman who wear a Songkok and have a beard (so called to follow the prophet) shouted on top of his lungs calling Khalid “Babi”, “Pukimak” and threatened openly that he will kill Khalid if he stepped into Section 23 Shah Alam neighborhood. Is this guy really a Muslim?

6.  Then there is an image of another guy that threatened an elderly Chinese man at the entrance of the Hall near the registration counter. He even called this old man “bodoh” and questioned why he bought a house in Section 23 and told him to get lost from there. He tried to intimidate the old man.

 7. Another part of video showed that an Indian gentleman was attacked upon given his views. He was verbally abused and when he want to sit down, his chair was pull back intentionally by one of the thugs resulted in him falling on to the cement floor.

 8. From the videos, it showed one lady that introduces herself as “shida” and questions  her rights in the meeting. She claims that PR is supposed to protect the people’s right but in this case it did not protect the Malays right there.

 9. Maybe I could answer her here in my blog. She has the right to live in peace in Section 23. She has the right to pray in the Surau in Section 23 but she does not have the right to prevent others from living in peace as well practice their religion. She thinks the whole of Section 23 is only meant for her!

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