DAP to police: Return our computer

(Malaysian Mirror) – The DAP wants the police to return a set of computer and accessories, said to be worth RM7,000 that they had seized from the party’s head office in Paramount Garden here more than three months ago.

At the time of the seizure on May 23, the police also nabbed DAP election bureau executive director Ooi Leng Hang and held him for four days.

Ooi’s legal adviser Lim Lip Eng said the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) provided that  any person who has given information under Section 107 may request for a report on the investigation status of the alleged offence.

Lim added that the CPC requires the officer in charge of the station where a complaint is made to give a status report within two weeks.

“If the officer in charge failed to furnish the details, the informant may make a report to the public prosecutor, who then may direct the officer in charge to provide the detail,” he said.

Lim said after weeks of waiting and the status report had still not come, he wrote to Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar on Aug 17 to ask for the goods to be returned.

The police replied

He received a reply on Sept 4 that stated that the goods were being retained to help in police investigations. However, it was not stated what the police was probing.

The letter, from the criminal investigation department, said the decision to return the seized items lies with the office of the deputy prosecuting officer.

Lim, who is also Segambut MP, said he was puzzled why the police came to the DAP headquarters and arrested Ooi as there was no criminal case.

dap-hq.jpg“I hope we all can get the answer soon,” he said at a press conference here on Monday.

The seized items included a monitor, CPU, tablet, speaker and a mouse.

Also seized were 19 pieces of CDs, with titles such as Perak 507 (eight pieces), Forum Najib 1Malaysia (two CDs), Dua Bukit Tsunami (two CDs), Perak tree assembly, (one CD), Rampasan Kuasa BN di Perak (one CD), Black Perak (one CD) and  Photo PD Camps (one CD).

No search warrant

A police report regarding the seizure was made at the SEA Park police station here on May 24, lodged by Goh Kheng Teong, IT manager and research officer to DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang,

In the report, Goh said he had asked policemen to show a search warrant but this was ignored. He later insisted to see their police card and an ASP and an inspector flashed the cards quickly to Goh.

He said there were nine other policemen and none of them showed any authority cards.

Goh alleged that the ASP told him that the Police Act allowed them to confiscate things without having to show a search warrant.

“The computer was expensive, we only had it for about four month. There was nothing much except photos, video and leaflet designs.

'I want the police to investigate'

“The only reason that I lodged a police report was because I want the police to do an investigation on this matter,” he said.

 Ooi alleged he was detained by the police along with the confiscation of the goods and was detained for four days.

“During that time I was questioned only once and for just 30 minutes,” he said, adding he was released after giving a verbal guarantee to the police.

“I do not know why I was detained by the policemen,. Maybe it was because I was holding a leaflet about the Perak case (which alleged that the Pakatan Rakyat state government fell because of an Umno-engineered coup d’état).

“I was not the one who made the leaflet. The leaflets were from the office of Teratai state assemblyman Janice Lee and had not been distributed.

 (Pic: From left – Ooi, Lim and Goh speaking to reporters at DAP HQ Monday)