Remove cow’s head videos

By Amde Sidik

The Star reported, MCMC said there are numerous complaints from public about the videos of cow’s head. Malaysiakini therefore must take the videos off of it website! 

I agree there is numerous complaints but disagree treating Malaysiakini in this manner.  

MCMC may as well be converted to Police Force Agent instead. 

It might do policing work more efficient than the present PDRM to safeguard the public and the country.

If cow’s head video is a threat to public, why didn’t police do anything when they’re witnessing the demonstration, or just because there was no instruction then from the IGP?

Watch also our Home Minister-Hishamudin’s waffled in his statement, no blaming on protestors because it was a peaceful demonstration-can I say, blame the cow for its head.

Came the mother of all statements that day- “bloodshed if Selangor State Government went a head with its temple relocation plan”

Now folks, you decide which one sounds more of a real threat compare with Malaysiakini putting the video on its website?

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