Politicians screwing Malaysia

By Farez Jinnah

This is it. I can’t take this simpleton bullshit by BN’s meddling, total apathy and/or stupidity anymore.

Hi. I’m a Malaysian and a Muslim (i feel like i’m already at an AA meeting), and I thoroughly endorse Jacqueline Ann Surin’s article, “What possessed the protestors?” at the Nut Graph. So if Zulkifli Nordin-types, or tea-bagged brained politicians in UMNO or their dick wad NGO pallies disagree with this, please let it be known that you don’t fucking speak on my behalf, you bunch of sicko-psychos.

If you’re reading this, a Malaysian and a Muslim in particular, please take a stand in support of her article on your blog and or social networking page or take up a front page ad in Utusan (just to rile those fuckers up).

Her article is a damning indictment of the BN government’s lack of will power and/or belligerent attitude towards its citizens and the protection of minorities in this country. Please take this as a step to reclaim your faith as a Muslim to say NO! to this irresponsible behaviour towards our non-Muslim brethren.


I think Najib better start explaining to the RAKYAT, what the fuck he means by 1MALAYSIA.

Because it is starting to look like the rise of Hitler’s Germany. One Race One Nation…. and it goes on and on and on… so which is it? 1Malaysia where all differences are embraced and celebrated or 1Malaysia where everybody who is a non-Malay Muslim has to fall in line with the majority’s whims and deficiencies?

You already have the following dimbulbs….

  • a DPM who’s an idiot – yeah calling Rohaizat’s disbarment a mere parking ticket, shows what a retard he is… brother, i never knew of a parking ticket that could deprive a person of his livelihood.
  • a Home Minister who thinks he’s fucking Oprah… who the fuck is he to mediate with the cow head protesters, and step on the AG’s or the Police feet? As it is, damage has been done by the cow head protesters and he does no favours for himself when he tarnishes his daddy’s legacy. Please get his head checked… people who feel victimised can hold peaceful assemblies… but when you see a cows head being thrown around and spat upon…. every fibre of your being should tell you that this is soo wrong and walk away, BUT they didn’t… it is blood lust and the protesters should be punished for it in accordance with the law. By the way, i read that the following day he backtracked on his lame-o endorsement.
  • a Culture Minister, who is forced to back track on everything he has said in recent days… 1st, the green dam implementation fiasco, then the Black Eyed Peas Arthur’s Day gig, is he senile? has he got Alzheimers? i want to know. A minister who says one thing and then backtracks, clearly has a fair weather brain and has no spine. so why is he still a minister?

Is this the quality that we’re getting from a 1Malaysia type cabinet?

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