Kg Buah Pala last stand:Clashes between villagers, workers erupt

(NST) BUKIT MERTAJAM: Workers, armed with sledgehammers, have started demolishing the first house.

Police have called in the light strike force to be on stand-by at the village as situation remains tense.

A scuffle breaks out between developer and villagers as demolition workers tried to enter the village to demolish two houses.

Nusmetro Ventures director Gary Ho claimed he was pushed.

Kampung Buah Pala supporters, mostly wearing orange MIC youth T-shirt have charged at Ho as they were involved in arguments.

Police had to intervene to break up the fight.

In an about turn, three houseowners in Kampung Buah Pala here have surrendered their keys to the developer.

Pressmen have been barred from entering the village while the developer, bailiffs, residents and their supporters visit the vacated houses.

The residents are negotiating to be allowed to demolish the houses themselves.

EARLIER REPORTS: The residents association has assured the demolition workers that they can move in to demolish the three houses.

However, negotiations between the developer and other residents are still on-going.

In anticipation of heavy machinery to flatten their village, Kampung Buah Pala residents, Hindraf and MIC members have formed a three-row human barricade leading to their houses.


The residents association confirmed that all families, including those who have accepted the developer's offer, have yet to leave the village.

They said they are not abandoning the village and will be together in defending the settlement, also known as High Chaparral.

Its chairman M. Sugumaran claimed that the developer only has the right to vacant possession, as given by the court, and not demolition.