Cow’s Head, Pig’s Head, Chicken’s Head and next?


The demonstration with cow’s head after Muslims’ Friday prayers, which took place in Shah Alam on the 28 August, disturbed many people. As a Muslim I’m flabbergasted. In the eyes of non-Muslims surely there are million kinds of Muslims, while I continue to insist there is only one Islam.

I’m not my writing about this argument yet. What I want to say here is about my own experience living with so many ethnics and religions.

If one asks me would I want to live in a place where there is only one race or one religion? My answer is if given a choice, I wouldn’t.

My reason is summed up after traveling all over the continents; I understand that God doesn’t want the habitants of the world made up from neither one single race nor one single religion. God can make that happen, wherever and whenever He pleases, but what I’ve seen so far is obviously God wants us to live with verities. We all have to agree with this.

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