Indonesian hackers attack Malaysian websites

(The Malaysian Insider) JAKARTA, Sept 2 — Indonesian hackers yesterday claimed they hit 120 websites in Malaysia.

The hackers said they were acting in revenge against what they perceived as Malaysia’s alleged theft of Indonesian cultural items and abuse of migrant workers, reported the Jakarta Globe.

Indonesia and Malaysia are involved in a spat over the Pendet dance.

The dance, performed by women in Balinese costume, appeared in an advertisement promoting Malaysia, suggesting that the dance is part of Malaysia’s cultural heritage, reported Xinhua.

Indonesians reacted strongly and the government sent a protest note to Malaysia.

The Malaysian government has said it played no part in the ad, which was produced by a private television company.

A statement on a Blogspot blog titled “Terselubung” says that a number of Malaysian websites have been hacked and defaced to “celebrate” Malaysia’s Merdeka Day, two days ago.

“Today, August 31, 2009, an uncreative country, a country who likes to steal Indonesian culture, a country whose citizen is the mastermind of bombings in Indonesia, a country who harassed Indonesia on the Internet… a country which received their independence from Britain, is celebrating its anniversary,” the website stated.

The site then listed in excess of 120 Internet addresses, including domains for Malaysian educational and tourism pages, reported the Jakarta Globe.

Each link, when clicked, opened to a page with flashing graphics of the Indonesian flag and a statement that the site has been “hacked by Indonesia”.

After the list, the message continued: “May Malaysia become a better country on this anniversary and stop stealing and stop being arrogant. Thank you to all our friends at ServerlsDown, MainHack Brotherhood, Indonesian Coder, Yogyacarder Link and all Indonesian underground friends who have supported us.”

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