UMNO Cannot Deny Their Complicity in the “Cow’s Head” Demonstration

For one, the "take beer" banner is a dead giveaway (as the picture shows). The banner is unique only to UMNO and it's been used only by UMNO supporters/activists during the Permatang Pasir by-election. If this wasn't UMNO's handiwork, then why is this banner part of the demonstration?

And we all know that the issue of Section 23 temple was first brought into light by Noh Umar. It's a cheap racists poltical tactic by UMNO to incite hate so as to create dissatisfaction among Malay/Muslim electorate in Shah Alam against the Pakatan goverment.

As a result of Noh Omar's incitement, the demonstrators (whom i believe is paid by UMNO to demonstrate) when and take it a step further, that is, by bringing a severed cow's head as a sign of protest.

Another thing is that, only UMNO people has that amount of hate to openly transgress the Sedition Act. Only UMNO people are protected by the law from offenses related to inciting racial hatred and inciting sensitive issues. Other people are not fortunate enough and will never dare to cross the line.

So, in a way, Noh Omar is responsible for this particular act of racial and religous defacation committed by a group of unknown individuals who claims to represent the Section 23 residents.

True Muslims Would Not Defile Other Religion's Symbol Like What Happened