BN’s Speaker accuses PR’s Sivakumar of treason

(The Malaysian Insider) The two Perak “Speakers” have gone to war with each other again, with Barisan Nasional’s Datuk R. Ganesan accusing Pakatan Rakyat’s V. Sivakumar of committing treason against the Perak royalty.

The mudslinging is barely a few days ahead of Wednesday’s impending state assembly “sitting” which was called by Sivakumar earlier this month.

At a press conference here today, Ganesan said that by summoning the state assembly to convene on Sept 2 without seeking royal consent, Sivakumar had not only infringed the Perak constitution but had also showed disrespect and disloyalty to Sultan Azlan Shah and shamed the Perak state assembly.

"Only the Sultan has the absolute discretion to convene an assembly sitting and this is provided for under Article 36(1) of the Perak constitution.

“A state assembly sitting always has to receive endorsement from the Sultan. No one else can just call for a sitting,” he said.

As such, Ganesan said he had sent out notices to all Perak legislative members warning them against attending Wednesday’s sitting.

“I will not hesitate to take action under the state assembly’s Standing Orders against those who get involved in this so-called state assembly sitting.

“As members of the state assembly, I hope everyone would honour their oaths and do the right thing — ignore whatever orders given by Sivakumar because he is no longer the legal Speaker,” he said.

Ganesan’s notice was distributed to counter the one sent by Sivakumar on Aug 12 informing the assemblymen of Wednesday’s sitting.

Ganesan said Sivakumar’s act of masquerading as the legal Speaker was tantamount to a power grab, which challenged and insulted the royal institution.

“This is why I have also lodged a police report against him for posing as the Speaker and calling for a sitting. I hope the police will do the necessary,” he said.

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