Who is MB of Selangor? Hassan or Khalid?

By Haris Ibrahim

Spoke to Selangor Exco member, X,  about the Malaysiakini report yesterday of the press conference by Hassan Ali where he talked about the possibility in the future of action being taken against Muslims working in breweries in Selangor, suggesting that this would be implemented in three stages – awareness, education and enforcement.

I asked if this was indeed a policy that the Exco was going along with.

“Are you mad? Do you think we are all mad?”, X retorted.

“Hassan is doing his own thing.

He’s got it in his head that this is a sure way to please the 53% Muslim population in Selangor”, X explained.

I replied that given his move to get mosque officials to go out and nab Muslims drinking alcohol in the state, thus acknowledging that not all Muslims in the state necessarily see eye to eye with him on the issue of alcohol, surely he must realise that not all Muslims in the state would approve of what he is doing.

“Huh, even Hadi told him that he should not try and import the ways of Terengganu and Kelantan into Selangor as the Muslims in Selangor are not quite the same, but Hassan is not bothered”, came the response.

I ask ed if this latest move was no more than Hassan off on a frolic of his own, why were the other Exco members not speaking up to shout him down.

“Look, if the non-Muslim Exco members come out in opposition, they’re branded anti-Islam by Hassan’s goons out there. If the Muslim Exco members speak up, even worse. They’ll be condemned as sesat or murtad,”, X lamented.

Can’t Khalid do anything, I asked.

“Tricky situation, lah”, was the reply.

Can’t the top Pakatan leadership get him to toe the line, I shot back.


Is Hassan trying to destabilise the Selangor government, I probed.

“Looks that way. Seems like he’s working with UMNO again. We’ve suspected this for some time now”, X confessed.

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