Seeking Equality and Justice for ALL


I am turning to you as i do not know who else that i could think that will take this issue seriously ( as i certainly cant trust our local papers) and would 'hopefully' do something with this.

This is regarding the recent ' Muslim model which is going to be caned (or not) for drinking beer'. I am a fair person. Rules are rules. If one chooses to live in this country, one has no choice but to abide by them. If the rule/courts says she is at fault for being caught red handed, so be it. All Muslims that dare to drink should accept whatever consequences unto them. However, the thing that gets to me is that this rule seems to have 'exceptions' to 'ministers, minister's children, 'royalties' who should for one set an example as a role model. If the Syariah Court's rationale for imposing such a heavy penalty because she is a public figure, then surely the same rationale should apply to the below.

Here are a few pictures of the son of a prominent Muslim minister by the name of Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz enjoying some wine and a cold beer in public no less. Source: Internet Blog. Understand that there is nothing wrong to hold a can of beer but should be enough to trigger some investigation. Is someone even doing any follow up on this?



Whether true or not – this deserves some media attention too as these images are circulating around the internet – clearly shouting out to the world our 'double standards' in our judicial system. I know I sound like an idealist or even naive to not know the political state and history of how this country is being run. Nevertheless, it would bring me some slight comfort to know that this could potentially be of any use to 'straighten' out the justice in this country.